Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

For information and Application forms, please visit the website

The Ministry of Home Affairs on www.mha.nic.in if applying in India
www.indianconsulatesydney.org for applicants of N.S.W and South Australia
www.hcindia-au.org for applicant all other states and territories of Australia


Guidelines for filling up OCI application

Application forms: It is mandatory to apply online and submit the hard copies. Applications filled by hand will not be accepted (see links).

After filling the ‘Part A of the application online click on the save button which automatically displays the print option. Click on the print option which generates ‘Part B’ of the application automatically. Click on the print option to print the hard copy of the application.

Lodging of Applications: The hard copy of the application should then be submitted / posted to VFS Services Australia Pty. Ltd, India Passport and Visa Services Centre, Level 1, 64, Clarence Street, NSW, Sydney 2000.

Fees: The registration fee for OCI is A$ 414 per person - ie; A$ 414 x no of persons . - For PIO card holders the fee is A$ 54 per person (Copy of the PIO card also has to be attached to the application in addition to the Indian origin proof).

Mode of payment: The application fee will be accepted in the form of cash at the counter, or in the form of bank cheque or money order drawn in favour of ‘VFS Services Australia Pty. Ltd. Personal cheques, company cheques and credit cards are not accepted.

Lodgement Hours: 08.30 to 15.00 hours on working days

Documents to be submitted along with application:

(1) Two sets of Part A & Part B of the Application form with original signature and photograph

(2) Photographs of correct size - 3.5 X 3.5 cm as specified in the Application form. Any other size photograph (especially larger ones) causes distortion when scanned leading to delay. Australian format photographs are unaccepatable. All Applicants are requested to conform to specifications to prevent delays and rejections.Click here for specs

(3) Signature - within the Box meant for the signature. Kindly do not attach signature much larger than the enclosure, as it is not accepted by the format of the OCI card.

(4) Two copies of each of relevant pages of Australian and Indian passports and Australian Citizenship Certificate. In case an applicant does not have copies of old Indian passport they may furnish other documents such as copy of domicile certificate issued by competent authority or any other proof to show that they were Indian nationals. Any query in this regard may kindly be addressed by E-Mail to VCoci@indianconsulatesydney.org giving full details of the supporting documents which are in the possession of the applicants.

(5) All documents must be ‘self attested’ by the applicant, stating that the copy is true with applicant’s signature. If the applicant is a minor, copies may be attested by parents. The applicant shall write “certified true copy” and sign.

(6) Applicants who are citizens of a foreign country other than Australia, are required to provide proof of residence in Australia such as Permanent Resident status, photocopy of Medicare card, photocopy of electricity bill,photo copy of rental agreement or relevant document of property if purchased, employment document etc.

(7) Submit "Declaration of Renunciation" form, duly filled in.

(8) Minor children are not entitled to OCI if both parents are Indian citizens. The minor is entitled to OCI only if one of the parent is eligible for an OCI and holds Australian/foreign passport.

Applications for minor children MUST be furnished with following documents:

a.. Copy of Date of Birth certificate,
b.. No Objection Letter from both the parents along with the photocopy of the relevant pages of their passports for verifying signatures and citizenship certificate.
c. Both parents MUST sign the OCI application for minor children.

d. In case one parent has sole custody of the child, a certified copy of the court of the Court Order should be provided.

e.For infants, no thumb impression or signature is required, on the form

(10) In case, the application is lodged by post, please send one Stamped Self addressed envelope.

Family applicants: - Family of four includes the applicant, spouse and two minor children (below the age of 18 years).

- The children above the age of 18, need to apply in separate form.

Acknowledgement, file number & checking online status.

Please send an E-mail to the Mission 30 days after posting an application if you do not receive an acknowledgement or file number by then. The status of the application can be checked online by using the file number. Please note that the status cannot be checked with the online registration.

You can get your OCI visa affixed when ‘Documents received at Sydney’ column of your ‘online status enquiry’ shows a date before that. Please go through our Collection Guidelines for OCI collection.

The minimum waiting time for getting OCI is 45 days and a maximum of
4 months from the date of acknowledgement of your application by the Consulate. Please check your online status with your file number through link ‘Online Status Enquiry’ which normally starts changing only towards the end of the process.



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