Australian investments in India


The total value of Australian investments in India during the period August 1991 to August 2005 was Rs 6355.24 million. This accounted for 0.44% of the total approved investment in India from all countries.


Australian companies in India

Some of the major Australian companies which have presence in India include Telstra BHP Billiton; Rio Tinto; MIM Holdings; Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation; Argyle diamonds P & O; Clough Engineering; Orica Limited; Lucent Technologies (IT); ANZ (IT); Fosters; Boral Ltd; Qantas ; TNT Express; Village Roadshow; Cookie Man (biscuits); Faber Castell ; Futuris brakes; Minter Elison, Recent entrants include Macquarie Group Blue scope steel; L J Hooker; Leighton Holding; Axa Asia. The AWB (wheat board) opened its office in India.


Potential for Indo-Australian cooperation exists in information technology; biotechnology (both plant and human); drugs and pharmaceuticals; financial services; infrastructure development including roads, ports, airports and railways; power sector; mining; oil and natural including LNG; water management, soil conservation and waste disposal; food processing and agribusiness; film and television; processing of gems and jewellery; tourism; and education.



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