Miscellaneous Services
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Miscellaneous Services - Application Forms [pdf]
Application form for -Deletion of child's name,Registration of child , Change of address, Life /Birth/ Marriage certificate, Police Clearance Certificate , Any other services (specify) - Miscellaneous form
New born children's name - Registration form
Deed poll/ sworn affidavit - form
Sponsorship - Declaration form
Passport Indian-Application Form( for emergency certificate use only)
Passport Indian - Application form for extension of validity
Passport Indian - Affidavit for child born in India
Personal Particulars Form (two sets, duly filled in) Please enter only Indian address(s) of the place(s) where you lived before you came to Australia in this form. Download [pdf]

Applications should be submitted at Consulate General of India, Sydney, Level 27, 25 Bligh Street, NSW, Sydney 2000.

Lodgement Hours: 09.30 to 12.30 hours on working days

Collection hours: 2pm -3pm on all working days.


(a) Your passport is a valuable document. It should always be either in your own custody or in the custody of a person duly authorised by you. It must not be altered, mutilated or tampered with in any manner. If lost or damaged, the fact and circumstances should be immediately reported to the nearest Indian Mission and to the local police.

(b) It is an offence under the Passports Act, 1967 to give false information in the application for any service related to Indian passports. Passport facilities can be denied on grounds of suppression of factual information, submission of false particulars, willful damage of passport and for making unauthorised changes in the passport.

(c) Please keep a photocopy of your passport in a safe place. Without this the issue of a duplicate passport in case of loss/damage/theft may be delayed.

(d) Please check all the particulars including the expiry date of your passport on receiving it for the first time. Any error should be immediately brought to the notice of the Mission where it was issued. Please remember to get your passport renewed well before the expiry date.

Note: Indian Citizenship Laws do not provide for Dual Citizenship and, accordingly, it is illegal for a person to possess an Indian passport once he/she has acquired the citizenship of another country. The holder of an Indian passport should, therefore, immediately submit his/her Indian passport to the nearest Indian Mission/Post for cancellation on acquiring citizenship of another country (including Australia).


The States of New South Wales and South Australia fall within the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of India, Sydney. All other Visa Applicants should lodge their applications at the High Commission of India, Canberra, Consulate General of India Melbourne, or at Honorary Consulates in Perth & Brisbane


Applications for all passports/consular services (Like miscellaneous services on passports, legalisation/attestation of documents etc.) are accepted at the counter between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on all working days. No application is received after 12:30 p.m. except in case of emergencies, such as death or illness in the family. Passports and other documents may be collected, on the date specified in the receipt, only between 2:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.


Outstation applicants may send their application for passport/consular service by Express/Registered post or courier. Fee should be paid by Australian Money Order / Bank Cheque in the name of the Consulate General of India, Sydney. Cash is accepted only at the counter do not send cash by mail. For return of passport self-addressed Express Post/Registered Post envelope must be provided. Applications for miscellaneous consular services received by mail generally take upto 10 working days to process. This is in addition to the time taken in the mail. This time schedule does not apply for services for which reference is required to be made to competent authorities in India. In case of passports, please refrain from making telephonic or written enquiries about the status of your application, as it takes about 45 days to complete processing. The Consulate General will contact applicants in cases where the applications are incomplete /incorrect, the fees sent are not adequate or not paid in the acceptable manner or where there are other deficiencies.



Fee should be paid in cash (only at the counter), bank cheques or Australian money orders payable to the Consulate General of India, Sydney. Please note that we do not accept any personal cheques. Cash when applying by mail is not accepted. Kindly note that Fee once paid is not refunded on refusal of service or delay in service. Please insist on a receipt for any money paid at the counter and present the same for collection of documents between 2:00p.m to 3:00p.m on the date / day specified. The Consulate has the right to ask for any necessary original documents at any stage and these documents are required to be presented for scrutiny and satisfaction of the Consular officer before
rendering any service.


(a) Change of Address: Application in the form for Miscellaneous services along with a Fee of A$20.00 and original passport along with one recent passport size photograph is required.

(b) ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) Endorsement: Application in the form for Miscellaneous services along with a fee of A$20.00, Original Passport along with one recent passport size photograph, and submission of documents that entitles the applicant to ECNR.

(c) Deletion of Child's Name: Application in the form for Miscellaneous services, a fee of A$ 20.00 and Original Passport bearing the child's name along with one recent passport size photograph is required.

(d) Birth Certificate from Passport: To be applied for in the "Application form for Miscellaneous Services". Passport in original along with one recent passport size photograph is required with a fee of A$25:00.

(e) Marriage Certificate from Passport: In case the spouse's name is endorsed on the passport, to be applied for in the "Application form for Miscellaneous Services", along with applicant's and spouse's passport in original along with one recent passport size photograph and a fee of A$25:00. In case the spouse's name is not endorsed on the passport, to apply for endorsement of the name of spouse first.

(f) Life Certificate: To be applied for in the "Life Certificate Application form" avaiable at the Consulate General of India. The pensioner has to sign in the presence of the officer at the counter. In addition, two photographs and passport in original to be submitted. This service is provided gratis to pensioners.

(g) Police Clearance Certificate: Application form for miscellaneous services duly filled in, a fee of A$20.00, and original passport (plus photocopy of first five and last two pages of the passport) along with one recent passport size photograph need to be submitted. This service takes 45 days from the date of receipt of the application.

(h) Death Certificate: For transportation of human remains (body of the deceased) following is required:

(1) Passport of the deceased (for cancellation)
(2) Notarised copy of the Death Certificate; Embalmer's Certificate (Funeral Parlour Certificate stating that the body has been embalmed in accordance with the international health and shipping requirements and that the body has been placed in a hermetically sealed container with zinc liner and wooden outer container) duly notarised;
(3) No Communicable Disease's certificate from the Department of Health stating that the deceased did not suffer from any communicable/contagious diseases;
(4) Itinerary/Flight details ;
(5)Details of person/s accompanying including a copy of their passport. Fee - Gratis

For transportation of human remains (ashes) following is required:
(1) Passport of the deceased;
(2) Notarised copy of the Death Certificate
(3) Cremation certificate; and
(4) Itinerary/Flight details and details of person/s accompanying including a copy of their passport.
(5) All Documents must be submitted in original along with one set of photocopies. Fee - Gratis

(i) Sponsorship Declaration Form: The form in prescribed proforma needs to be submitted in duplicate. Signature on the form is to be made at the counter before the Consular Officer. In addition, passport in original (plus photocopies of first five and last two pages of the passport) and a fee of A$20:00 is required.

(j) Adoption Documents: The documents duly notarized and authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Sydney along with one recent passport size photograph. No passport is required. Fee is A$40:00 for each document.


Application forms should be filled in fully, legibly (in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS) and correctly. Misrepresentation/suppression of information may result in denial of passport/consular service. Applications received with incomplete details would remain unprocessed.


Fees, once received, are not refunded, even if, the application is withdrawn or service not rendered.


Please write to the Consular Services, Consulate General of India, Level 27, 25 Bligh Street, Sydney, NSW-2000. You can call us at 02-9223 9500 or fax us at 02- 9221 0533 or e-mail at indianc@indianconsulatesydney.org. / consularservice@indianconsulatesydney.org


The Consulate earnestly appeals to the members of the Indian community not to pay more than the prescribed amount of Consular fee to anyone or encourage any middlemen or agents as it spoils the reputation of the community as well as the Consulate. In any event, public should not make any payment for which a receipt is not given. The community should take every precaution against accepting forged / counterfeit travel document from unscrupulous elements.


∑ The above instructions are subject to change from time to time. Please write or telephone the Consulate for updated information.

∑ Incomplete applications will not be returned unless appropriate arrangements for mailing the same are made by the applicant.

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