Passport Services

New Passport - change of address

A passport is issued for a period of 10 Years (5 years in case of children under 15yrs). A new passport is required to be obtained after 10 years (on the expiry of validity of the current passport). Application for a new passport can be submitted six months before the date of expiry of the current passport to facilitate processing of the application and issue of new passport in time.

VFS centres may be contacted through phone/ e-mail.  VFS centres

Please do not make firm travel bookings before receiving your passport.

Following documents are required to be submitted for this services:

  • Application form for new passport duly filled in.
    Surname and Given Name to be spelt out correctly. These should be the same as in the Old Passport. In case of a change the procedure for Name Change has to be followed.
  • Fill in the application form online and make sure you have filled in all the columns.
  • Save the form after you have filled it; this generates a registration number, make sure you note it down as this number will be required to process your application and to answer your queries that you may have about your application.
  • After making note of the registration number, print out the form that you have filled in and saved.
  • Also sign in all the boxes provided for signatures, including the boxes for specimen signatures, making very sure that you sign within the confines of the box. No part of the signature must be outside the box.
  • Four copies of latest photographs of size 3.5x3.5 cm size, one photograph to be pasted on the application form.
  • Current passport and additional booklets, if any, issued subsequently.
  • If a request for a new passport is made after one month from the date of expiry of the passport, a declaration form (affidavit) is also required to be submitted along with the application and an additional fee of A$20/- Down load Affidavit: affidavit_ppt.pdf
  • If a request for issue of a new passport is being made after a lapse of more than six months from the date of expiry of the old passport, applicant must also furnish a Certificate of Evidence of Residential Status from Australian Department of Immigration (DIAC) alongwith an affidavit (affidavit.ppt.pdf.) and additional fee of A $ 20.
  • Copy of Visa Status document may be furnished if no valid visa is present in the current passport.
  • Attested Copy of marriage certificate for inclusion of spouse's name if it is not included earlier in the Passport.
  • ECNR is issued by default for new passports. Please note that there will not be any stamp explicitly stating Emigration Check Not Required. In case applicants require ECNR to be stamped please click here
  • In case different Permanent Address to that of the old passport is to be entered, then proof of new address for e.g. Electricity Bill should be attached.
  • APPLICABLE FEE in favour of "VFS Australia Pty Ltd" for payments made in the form of bank cheque or money order.
  • Cash accepted at Counter only.
  • Courier/ postal charges as maybe applicable in case of VFS Centres. In case of postal applications a self addressed registered / express post envelope should be attached for sending the passport back after issue.
  • Note: In case the holders of a 20 year validity Passport face problems at immigration, they may apply for a new Passport, paying applicable fees.
  • Please do not make firm travel bookings before receiving your passport.
  • Processing Time: Approx. 2 months. In some cases it may take more time.
  • Please down load the Checklist and submit it with your printed application
  • Passport form: Online Application
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