Recent incidents concerning Indian Community

Press Release

Recently, the Daily Telegraph of 15 June 2007 carried a report about assaults and robberies against members of the Indian community, including students, in the Harris Park area. The Consul General of India, Mr. Sujan R.Chinoy, had taken up the matter with the NSW Government at the highest level. In his letter dated June 18 to the Hon Morris Iemma, MP, Premier of NSW, the Consul General had expressed deep concern regarding the safety and security of the Indian community, particularly the students, and had urged the Premier to look into the matter and direct the concerned police authorities to take necessary and appropriate steps to put a halt to these incidents and to assuage the feelings of deep anxiety on the part of the affected persons.

In his reply to the Consul General dated 29 June 2007, Premier Morris Iemma has also expressed concern and sought the urgent advice of the Minister for Police, the Hon D.A.Campbell. He has assured the Consul General of India that the NSW Police Force is working hard to reduce street robberies in the Harris Park area. A special taskforce, Operation Dale, has been set up to tackle the problem with intensive, high-visibility policing and targeted investigations. The Premier has added that Operation Dale has already resulted in a number of arrests. A copy of the Premier’s letter is attached*click here. The Consulate General of India continues to work closely with the local authorities and community organisations. The Consulate General of India would like to encourage members of the Indian community to report such incidents to the police and to the Consulate.

Last year, the Consul General had similarly taken up with the Premier the spate of assaults and robberies in the Harris Park and Parramatta suburbs of Sydney in which a number of Indian students had been affected.

The Consul General of India Mr.Sujan R. Chinoy has also taken up with the NSW government authorities the incident of 31 March 2007, reported in The Sunday Telegraph of 1 July 2007, involving disrespect shown to the Sikh turban. The Consul General has pointed out that the turban is a fundamental part of the Sikh faith, to which is attached great religious significance. He has emphasised that the incident has hurt the feelings of many members of the Indian community, who regard it as an affront to their honour, dignity and faith. The Consul General has asked that the concerned police authorities act against the individuals responsible for the incident and also take appropriate steps to sensitise all concerned about the significance of the turban in the Sikh faith. He has expressed the hope that this would prevent any acts that violate the honour and dignity of the Sikh faith.

6 July 2007

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