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Student’s Committee

In early April 2009, with a view to identifying issues of concern to Indian students, the Consulate had constituted a Committee, membership of which was voluntarily drawn from those persons from the Indian community who attended a meeting called at the Consulate. Five persons from the gathering expressed interest in being members of the Committee (Harmohan Walia, Stanley D’Cruz, Vish Vishwanathan, Dr Yadu Singh and Mrs Shubha Kumar); the members identified Dr Yadu Singh as the Co-ordinator of the Committee.

It may be recalled that this Committee was constituted by the Consulate over a month before the current spate of attacks on the Indian students/community. Over several weeks, the Committee worked tirelessly and evolved a set of recommendations, all of which were extremely useful in putting forth a plan of action once the unfortunate incidents began occurring from the last week of May 2009 onwards. Indeed, several of the recommendations assisted in formulating positions that were put forward at meetings with government agencies and departments, while seeking to identify possible corrective action to address the system inadequacies in the education sector.

The Committee has finished the task it was entrusted with. In consultation with the Committee members, this Committee which was constituted by the Consulate is hereby dissolved by the Consulate. The Consulate places on record its sincere appreciation to each of the Committee members for the time they have individually and collectively devoted and for the comprehensive recommendations that it has made.

The Consulate would shortly constitute Working Groups, in consultation with students and others, with a view to addressing short term (immediate) and medium term concerns of the student community.



August 12, 2009
Consulate General of India

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