“Assaults and robberies in Harris Park and other areas”

Press Release

The Consulate General of India had issued a Press Release on July 6, 2007 regarding recent incidents concerning the Indian community, particularly the subject of assaults and robberies in Harris Park and other areas.

The Consul General of India Mr. Sujan R. Chinoy, had taken up the matter with the NSW Government at the highest levels. In his response to the Consul General of India dated July 10, 2007, the Hon’ble David Campbell, Minister for Police of NSW has conveyed that on May 21, 2007 ‘Operation Dale’ was established to detect and arrest robbery offenders and to prevent further robberies from being committed. ‘Operation Dale’ consists of eight investigators from the three Local Area Commands, as well as the Metropolitan Robbery Unit, deployed exclusively to the investigation of street robberies. ‘Operation Dale’ has since resulted in 37 arrests and 49 charges relating to robberies and attacks in the Harris Park area. On June 27, 2007, a juvenile offender was also arrested, charged and refused bail in relation to a robbery offence committed in Harris Park on May 16, 2007. Minister Campbell has informed the Consul General that there is also a uniformed, high visibility, pro-active arm of six police attached to the operation who are rostered fulltime to patrol robbery hotspots. Additionally, the North West Metropolitan Region is providing significant additional Commuter Crime Unit and Region Enforcement Squad personnel each day to augment both the overt and covert targeting of robbery hotspots.

The Minister has further conveyed to the Consul General that as part of the overall crime reduction strategy, ‘Operation Dale’ has also been coordinating presentations by Youth Liaison Officers, Crime Prevention Officers and Ethnic Community Liaison Officers on crime prevention and awareness issues to schools, community and business groups.

The Minister, in his letter to the Consul General, has referred to the Information Session organised by the Ethnic Community Liaison Officers at the Harris Park Internet Café on May 30, 2007 as part of crime prevention education and awareness strategy in which advice on personal safety. The Minister has categorically mentioned in his letter that at no time was the community advised not to carry mobile telephones. Also, on June 15, 2007, Police addressed a forum of students and business people in Harris Park which was attended mainly by the community members of the Indian origin. The community members were reported to have expressed their satisfaction with the police response to this issue and the proposed further action, including increased overt and covert patrols of the area. The Minister in his letter has pointed out that after establishing the ‘Operation Dale’ there has been a significant decline in the number of robbery/assault cases in the Harris Park area.

The Hon’ble Minister has assured the Consul General that the NSW police are committed to reducing the incidence of robbery in Harris Park and other areas through pro-active policing and the detection and arrest of offenders through dedicated investigative resources.


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